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Our Programme

.   Thematic Approach       主题教学

(Management of teaching and learning in 3 languages through selected topic or theme based approach which allows children to learn through hands on activities to better understand the world around them. Threads from the theme, connect and sew together all academic areas, such as writing, reading, science, mathematics, art & music.)


.   Montessori Method   蒙特梭利教学法

(Child centered approach by Dr. Maria Montessori. Teaching of self reliance and independence through Practical Life Activities, senses becomes a way of learning through Sensorial Activities, awakened in desire to know more about concept relevant to Mathematics.)


.   Moral  道德教育(人文教育)

(Cultivate good behavior and manners, produce individual personality to be responsive and possess good moral values, and focus on the mastery of matured emotional skills)


.   Phonics  发音基础教学法

(Through foundation, from reading and writing which teaches the letter sounds in an enjoyable, multisensory way, and enables children to use them to read and write words.)


.   To  develop child’s daily self-care ability, creative thinking, problem solving skills and environmental caring ability.



.   Reading Picture Books 绘本阅读

       “绘本阅读”作为一种新的阅读方式正逐渐走进幼儿园,走近孩子,在一定程度上弥补了纯文本阅读的局限。因为绘本图文并茂,画面精美,更符合儿童形象性思维 的特点,尤其适合幼儿阶段的孩子阅读。它还对激发孩子的阅读兴趣,开拓孩子的想象空间,提高孩子的审美能力有很大的积极作用。绘本阅读,开辟了孩子阅读的 新空间,让孩子快乐阅读

          Picture books offer a unique opportunity for children to develop visual literacy because they are able to return to the visual images in books to explore, reflect, and critique those images.


.   Physical Exercise     体育运动